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The Valladolid University Online Judge (UVa) Problemset[edit]


The old server, which doesn't receive submissions anymore:


This site has been around for quite awhile, with over 7 million submissions as of February 26th, 2009.


Please use the Problem Template when adding new problems; see Help:Editing for a step-by-step guide.

Volume #To solveUVa Link
Volume IVolume IVolume I
Volume IIVolume IIVolume II
Volume IIIVolume IIIVolume III
Volume IVVolume IVVolume IV
Volume VVolume VVolume V
Volume VIVolume VIVolume VI
Volume VIIVolume VIIVolume VII
Volume VIIIVolume VIIIVolume VIII
Volume IXVolume IXVolume IX
Volume XVolume XVolume X
Volume CVolume CVolume C
Volume CIVolume CIVolume CI
Volume CIIVolume CIIVolume CII
Volume CIIIVolume CIIIVolume CIII
Volume CIVVolume CIVVolume CIV
Volume CVVolume CVVolume CV
Volume CVIVolume CVIVolume CVI
Volume CVIIVolume CVIIVolume CVII
Volume CVIIIVolume CVIIIVolume CVIII
Volume CIXVolume CIXVolume CIX
Volume CXVolume CXVolume CX
Volume CXIVolume CXIVolume CXI
Volume CXIIVolume CXIIVolume CXII
Volume CXIIIVolume CXIIIVolume CXIII
Volume CXIVVolume CXIVVolume CXIV
Volume CXVVolume CXVVolume CXV
Volume CXVIVolume CXVIVolume CXVI
Volume CXVIIVolume CXVIIVolume CXVII
Volume CXIXVolume CXIXVolume CXIX
Volume CXXVolume CXXVolume CXX

Related Links[edit]


An archive of helper utilities, such as a statistics comparer, a sorting of the easiest problems and separated ranklists for the countries.

Methods to Solve[edit]

Compilation of various methods to solve the problems. Has methods for about 35% of the problems.

Quest to Solve[edit]

Inspired by Methods to Solve. Has solutions to over 530 UVa problems in a database searchable by keywords, algorithm types, and difficulty.

ShyGypsy Labs[edit]

Various tools for UVa problems.

ACMSolver Site[edit]

Various Tips for UVa problems.

UVA toolkit[edit]

Various tools for UVa problems. You can construct your own test cases and get the correct output (currently available for over 1430 problems). Also has keywords/classification for all these problems.

programming contest problems and solutions[edit]

Solutions for UVA problems using C++ and Java