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Project Euler is a set of mathematical or computer science-related problems. It doesn't matter how you get the answer, as the inputs are given. Users are ranked not purely by how many problems they solved, but each problem is given a score - how much it's worth - depending how many users solved it.

The site is an upgrade of an older site which has a different ranking system and website:

Your profile consists of the number of problems you have solved. Your ranking is based on levels. If you have successfully solved 25 questions you qualify to the level 1 and so on and so forth. On solving a problem its thread gets unlocked and you can check solutions of others in the languages they preferred. Thus, you can compare your code with others.

If you are 1 or 2 level programmer, your profile gets dissolved if no activity happens in 90 days of time. Participants at level 3 or higher (solving at least 100 problems) are granted immortality, thus, here lies the advantage of being superior. There is also a special badge given to those completing at least 13 of the 25 latest problems, but this is only temporary if you don't remain active.

Problems on this site might be possible using a naive approach. However, there is generally a shortcut that allows completing the program within a minute on modern systems, or otherwise using a superior algorithm.

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