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[roticv] Hmm I wonder if I am the youngest here. Seem like I am the only person that haven't had my university education [/roticv]

Hey, not being in college yet is great! It means you can still be in ACSL, USACO, IOI, and so many more high-school-only contests. I recommend registering at the USACO Training website if you haven't done so already; there's lot of practice problems on there and they have contests about 4 times a year. --Jeff 11:16, 9 Sep 2005 (EDT)

[roticv]Ahh maybe you are correct. I almost made it for this year's IOI, but too bad I am not good enough. I do have this year's IOI shirt. I won't have the chance next year though. I really wonder how did you get to post so many of the write ups at once.[/roticv]

I completed the writeups back in May for a college project, and moved them over when I was told about the site. --Jeff 23:47, 9 Sep 2005 (EDT)

It's awesome that

A. You posted all the writeups of the world finals problems.

B. You got to do them as coursework --Rrenaud 19:22, 9 Sep 2005 (EDT)

The contest itself was pretty awesome too :) I hope UIUC's team gets first place at regionals this year and gets to compete in the finals again. --Jeff 20:37, 9 Sep 2005 (EDT)