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David Cary designs and build electronics and programs embedded firmware, which gives him a little different perspective than a typical desktop programmer.

David Cary is especially interested in algorithms used to build:

  • high-availability systems -- when any single part fails, the system as a whole continues to run, or at least limp.
    • medical electronics
  • data compression algorithms.
  • "crash-only software" -- software carefully written so that I can cycle the power at any time, and the software continues from where it left off, or perhaps from some point a second or two before power was lost. In particular, it avoids data loss and data corruption.
  • wiki -- especially the WikiNode network and the high availability wiki project

David Cary has done a bunch of programming in various assembly languages and C dialects -- because, alas, higher-level languages were unavailable for the embedded systems I've worked on. It makes David Cary happy that Python is being ported to the AVR.

Some assembly languages I've programmed in: ARM, AVR, PICmicro, M8C, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68000, DSP56000, MMIX, etc.

--DavidCary 15:43, 4 June 2009 (UTC)