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Theory Difficulty:

   The difficulty level of this problem is really easy irrespective of all .
Beginers can find this problem very helpful to get start with . 

Coding Difficulty:

    Any one can get easiness at the time of coding beacause coding level is also easy .

Algorithms Used:

    The knowledge of number theory helps one to solve the problem although it is not must . 

Good concept on math can help coders at this type of problem .

Solution Description:

     Given that the square root of 2^31 is less than 47,000, there must not be more than 

47,000 (positive) inputs that return "2" as their answer. In the same way, the cubic root

of 2^31 is less than 1300, there are no more than 1300 (positive) inputs that return "3".

Given that the vast majority of inputs will return "1", you can just pregenerate all of the answers that won't return "1", store them in a hash map, and output them when necessary.

Don't forget: input numbers can be negative too. Problem Solution Submitted By:

      I tried best to make the solution of problem simple . But if you can feel any problem 

then you can let me know .

                 Imtiaz Ahmed 
                 CSE , 3-1 Dhaka University