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Volume 108 needs to be added. Is there a script running that will automatically add problems? --Rrenaud 21:38, 13 Jan 2005 (EST)

Ya, I have a script somewhere. It would make it easier, just that I keep forgetting when I'm home. Larry 12:22, 14 Jan 2005 (EST)

Hi. I see that recently some C++ codes for certain UVa problems have been put in this site. I haven't tried them so I don't know if they are Accepted codes or not. I would like to know what you guys think about this. :-) I must say I didn't feel at all happy when I found here the C++ codes for my 10978 and 10979... -- Ob_z 12 Jan 2006

The consenus seems to be pretty divided thus far. And until it's resolved, I suppose we should err on the side of not having it yet.

I actually don't mind having solutions, but there also isn't a point if it isn't really helpful. Also, if nothing else, naming conventions will probably change at some point.

--Larry 14:45, 12 Jan 2006 (EST)

Thanks Larry for your attention. To me what I find strange is that going to the page "Category:Implementations", one can actually get the C++ codes of 4 UVa problems, without having to visit the explanation pages for the tasks. That means one may get Accepted(?) codes even without knowing what the tasks are about. Although you may say the number of solutions there is small....

Thank you again. -- Ob_z 12 Jan 2006 (EST)

Why don't you copy ideas from steven halim's web site, if he doesn't bother.