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Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ)[edit]

The Sphere Online Judge Problemset SPOJ is a programming site with a collection of selected but wide range of problems. It contains problems of all difficulties covering standard and non-standard algorithms. Moreover its problem set is increasing as one could post his/her own homemade problem. It also covers all the problems of the prestigious ACM International Collegiate Programming Contests(ICPC).


The SPOJ Project is developed and maintained by Sphere Research Labs, based in Gdynia, Poland [1].


SPOJ classifies problems into four categories - Classical problems, challenge problems, tutorial problems, and Partial Score problems. The classical problems work just like other online judges, where credit is given only on successful completion of the problem.

The other three categories provide partial credit for submission (provided you meet a minimal threshold.)

Challenge problems are meant to challenge the user into completing the problem while abiding by secondary constraints. Problems are ranked based on how well you complete the problem, whether it's by obtaining the best result or through another metric. Tutorial problems and partial score problems act similarly provide partial credit, and are meant for the user to become familiar with a method of programming.

Unlike other online judges SPOJ does not organize problems in volumes by their index - they are normally referenced by their tag. However, this site will reference these problems by their displayed numerical index.

Please use the Problem Template when adding new problems; see Help:Editing for a step-by-step guide.

"Volume" SPOJ Link
Volume I Problems 1-54
Volume II Problems 55-110
Volume III Problems 112-202
Volume IV Problems 203-292
Volume V Problems 293-383
Volume VI Problems 384-685
Volume VII Problems 687-903
Volume XI Problems 1001-1100
Volume XXII Problems 2101-2200
Tutorial All Tutorial Problems
Challenge All Challenge Problems
Partial All Partial Score Problems