LA - Regional Dhaka 2005/2006

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Asia Programming Contest - Dhaka 2005/2006[edit]

  Problem Name LA Link Problemsetter Comment
A Harmonic Mean 3288 Shahriar Manzoor Straightforward
B Robots inside the Labyrinth 3289 Md. Kamruzzaman Shortest Path
C Invite Your Friends 3290 Syed Monowar Hossain Shortest Path
D Understanding Recursion 3291 Shahriar Manzoor
E Matrissor 3292 Md. Kamruzzaman Dynamic Programming, difficult
F Altitude Triangle 3293 Shahriar Manzoor Pure geometry
G The Ultimate Bamboo Eater 3294 Rujia Liu Dynamic Programming + efficient data structures
H Counting Triangles 3295 Shahriar Manzoor

About the contest[edit]

The contest was held on Friday 23 September 2005 at North South University with 85 teams including teams from China and Malaysia.

The Fudan University of China became the champion by solving 6 problems out of a maximum of 8 problems.

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