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Elo is a rating system used to determine the relative skill of individuals. It is commonly used in games such as Chess.

In Elo, each player is given a rating; it may be an existing rating or seeded from an existing rating; for example, Chess games may seed players with a ranking around 1500 for average players (or lower if the player believes to be inexperienced.)


Scored in Elo change based on matches or other events. The following values are used:

  • RA, rating for player A.
  • RB, rating for player B.
  • , the expected score of player A.
  • , the expected score of player B.
  • K, an adjustment factor (high for new players, or lower for more experienced ones)
  • and , the scores for players A and B
  • , the new rating for player A
  • , the new rating for player B
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